Criminal Defense


Being investigated for or accused of a crime is a frightening prospect and being arrested can be downright terrifying. You may face probing questions from law enforcement, you may have your fingerprints and picture taken, and you may find yourself in court facing charges that could send you to prison for a long time.  When you are accused of a crime, it is important to arm yourself with knowledge and with capable legal representation.

Criminal Offenses in Virginia

A number of prohibited behaviors in the state of Virginia constitute criminal offenses. Some possible behaviors that can give rise to criminal charges include:

In each of these categories of crimes, you can be charged with a felony or a misdemeanor. Felonies are wrongful acts that are considered to be egregious and penalties may involve one year to life in jail. Misdemeanors are less serious criminal offenses although you can still serve jail time.

Hiring a Virginia Criminal Defense Attorney

When you are questioned by law enforcement regarding a crime, or when you are arrested for a crime, it is imperative that you consult with an experienced Virginia criminal defense attorney immediately to protect your rights and avoid doing anything that might make your situation worse.

The knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys at Nichols Zauzig Sandler have extensive experience representing clients in all phases of the criminal justice system. Whether assisting you in fending off questions from law enforcement, helping you to arrange a plea bargain or defending you in a jury or bench trial, we will provide you with experienced, aggressive and professional legal services from start to end.

How a Virginia Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

At Nichols Zauzig Sandler, we can provide you with more than just expert legal advice about the criminal charges you face. We can help you to devise the most effective strategy possible for minimizing and avoiding the consequences of a criminal charge. This assistance may include negotiating a plea bargain, getting you into a diversion program or defending you in trial against the charges brought against you.

Several common defense tactics used in a criminal trial include:

  • Proving a violation of your constitutional rights. When the police violate your Constitutional rights by an unlawful stop or an unlawful search or seizure, the State cannot use the resulting evidence against you in Court. Without evidence, the prosecution cannot make a case establishing your guilt.
  • Proving a Lack of Miranda Warning. If, after you are in custody, law enforcement fails to read you the Miranda warnings and to inform you of your rights, any information you provide to the police once taken into custody generally may not be used against you.
  • Offense-specific defenses. For instance, for charge of battery, consent to touching is a defense. For sex crimes, false accusations or false memories may be a defense.

The Virginia criminal defense lawyers at Nichols Zauzig Sandler will explore all possible defenses to avoid conviction or minimize penalties and will provide you with knowledgeable advice on how best to proceed. Contact Nichols Zauzig Sandler today to discuss your case and find out how we can help.