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6 Ways You Can Assist the Criminal Lawyer Defending You

Being charged with a crime is challenging. There are laws created in each state to punish misdemeanor or felony charges. Fortunately, a criminal defense attorney can aid you and represent you in court whether or not you are guilty. 

To achieve a good outcome despite your current situation, you need to cooperate with your lawyer. Your lawyer is the best person to help you, so you need to trust them. Here are six ways you can assist your criminal defense lawyer: 

Establish rapport and trust your lawyer

The golden rule in creating a strong defense is to be honest with your lawyer. Any lie can affect the whole defense. Under the constitution, anything you tell your lawyer is subject to attorney-client privilege, so you don’t have to worry.

Be respectful and honest with them. Your lawyer won’t be able to create a good defense strategy if you don’t tell them the truth. You will only make their job and your life harder if you hide or distort the facts. 

Collect evidence to support your defense

One of the ways you can help your lawyer is to provide them with evidence that can strengthen your defense. Give them any documents that may be helpful—witnesses, alibis, information, and so on. Your lawyer may interview witnesses before deciding whether to have them testify or not. They can always subpoena them if they do not want to cooperate.

Understand your lawyer’s strategy

You need to know what to expect in your criminal case. Ask your lawyer what the strategy will be. Clarify questions that are confusing to you. If your lawyer isn’t keeping you informed, ask them about the plan. It’s also best to discuss your goals and options with your lawyer. 

Stay off social media and don’t talk to the police

The prosecutor and the police will go through your social media accounts for any incriminating statements. It’s best that you avoid posting anything that can be used against you. Also, don’t talk to the police without your attorney present. They will look for ways to prosecute you; anything you say can be used against you in court. 

Be on time during your court hearings

Always be punctual during your court hearings. You are also required to attend all of them. Failure to attend can be grounds for your bail to be revoked. It will also create a bad impression on the judge.

Stick to your lawyer’s plan

The best way to help your lawyer is to stick to their plan and follow their advice. It is in their best interest to look out for you and work for the most favorable outcome. However, they will do their best to create a strategy that satisfies you. In the courtroom, your best bet is to be on the same page as your lawyer. If you deviate from the strategy, it may affect your credibility in the litigation process.



Facing criminal charges doesn’t have to be burdensome when you have a criminal defense lawyer. They can create a strategy for the best outcome. With their skills and expert advice, you may end up reducing the penalties or walking away scot-free.

If you are facing charges, a criminal defense attorney can help you. Nichols Zauzig is a criminal defense law firm in Arlington, VA, providing legal representation for any criminal charge. Contact us today!