Stories of Hope

Preserving a military officer’s reputation

Richard*, a high-ranking military officer with a security clearance, was charged with felony assault of his revengeful daughter, who he had caught in a compromising position with her boyfriend the night before.

With police demanding he turn himself in, a protective order against his daughter, and the threat of losing sole custody of his daughter, Richard had nowhere to turn. Worse yet, if any of those charges succeeded, Richard’s long and decorated career would be cut short, as would any financial security.

The police officers had accepted the daughter’s version of events without question. They were unconcerned with Richard’s description of the conflict. The felony charge he faced required he be held in jail without bond over the long holiday weekend. In that scenario, Richard’s command would have considered him AWOL.

Through creative and strategic lawyering, it was possible for the client to turned himself in to law enforcement early the next week, avoiding immediate negative consequences at work. Over the next six months, through negotiation and aggressive advocacy during hearings, the charges against Richard were dropped entirely. The protective order was dropped. After his daughter—through agreement of Richard and the courts–lived  in a rural location with her aunt for some time, Richard was able to reestablish that relationship as well.

It was a terrifying experience for this career military officer. In the end, his career and his reputation were preserved, as was the life he had built for himself to this point.

* All names changed to protect our client’s privacy.