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Below are our client reviews, as posted on Google, Facebook and Avvo.

“They genuinely care about their clients”
– Maddie Touchet, Google review


“Mr. Hollingsworth provided me with the best possible service and legal assistance.  Him and his team where always reachable to answer the many questions I had throughout the whole process and he went the extra mile to continue to help me months after it had been resolved.  I highly recommend Mr. Hollingsworth and his associates, you’ll get the absolute best assistance possible and they genuinely care about their clients.” – Maddie Touchet, Google review

“He was able to get my case dismissed” 
 – Kevin Loughery, Google review


“Mr. Hollingsworth did an amazing job on my case. He was able to give me an idea of the direction we should go with the case. Once we had all the information he was able to help me make an educated decision on what we should do next and because of waiting to get all the information he was able to get my cased dismissed. I highly recommend Mr. Hollingsworth and his team for all of your legal needs.” – Kevin Loughery, Google review

“I can’t begin to say enough about Mr. Hollingsworth and the great job he did in representing my daughter over a youthful indiscretion that could have haunted her the rest of her life if it weren’t for him.Don’t let Mr. Hollingsworth’s calm, relaxed and personable demeanor fool you: he will fight very hard and relentlessly for his clients. During the 90 minutes we were in court prior to the trial, unlike other attorneys who were looking at their cell phones, Mr. Hollingsworth  was in negotiations with the prosecutor, talking with the sheriff and conferring with other attorneys in order to find the best strategy to deal with the prosecutor that didn’t like pleas and our fair but tough judge.” – Bill McIntyre, Google review

“A person that will always look for the client’s best interest”
– Rodrigo Valdivieso, Google review

“I want to thank Mr. Hollingsworth for his professionalism and competent support. His unique approach and straight forward advice in solving complex cases makes Michael a person that will always look for the client’s best interest.” – Rodrigo Valdivieso, Google review
“Michael worked on my son’s criminal defense case. The final result was better than expected, but what I liked was the way he dealt with us. Straight forward and no bulls***. I prefer straight forward talkers that don’t beat around the bush and tell it like it is. That’s exactly what we got. I would hire him again in a minute.”- Lawrence, Avvo review

“This law firm was recommended by a friend.  I was really impressed. We were called back very fast with helpful information.  Sometimes you really need to have good help like this to get answers you need. We really enjoyed everyone we met here and they made us all feel so comfortable.  They solved every problem and I can’t say enough about how timely they were. I would highly recommend.” – mbvargo, Google review

“Mr. Hollingsworth is the real deal 10/10 I recommend him to everyone that needs a criminal law attorney and if I were to get in any trouble he would be the #1 person I’d reach out to. He explained to me all the options I had & voiced his opinion to me about what was best for me for the future, throughout the entire time at court he was so confident and determined to help me out as much as possible. The outcome was so much better than I had expected… Great first experience with an a lawyer, once again thank you for everything you have done Mr. Hollingsworth” – Windy Sandoval, Google review

“Michael, You gave more support to me and my family throughout this ordeal than anyone else with the exception of my son. I will always consider you to be one of the best people I’ve ever met, as well as one of the sharpest/skilled …Thank you so much for all the support and time you spent working to get what I see as the best outcome given the circumstances.” – TW, Avvo review

“We hired this law firm based on a recommendation of our friend who is also a lawyer. We needed answers in the very late night and they actually were there to help us. Mr Hollingsworth knows so many people in the area and has great rapport with everyone that problems are quickly solved. We got the help we needed late at night. He was so relaxed in court and made us all feel so much more at ease. We never worried or had any unanswered questions.” – Mary, Avvo review

“When I was in fear of losing my career… They acted quickly, supported me, and did all they could to help me. Their understanding of my situation and support of me, led to my life being perfectly intact. Michael will have your back, be honest with you, and do whatever he can to protect your rights.” – Matt, Avvo review
“I was charged with misdemeanor of 8 counts in Prince William County, Virginia. I was so stressed out that I would not be able to get the second chance. However, Mike made it happen. All my counts dismissed, nolle prosequi. Mike is honest and professional.  I am so grateful that I picked the right lawyer like him in such a bad situation. From the beginning Mike was understanding and willing to listen my situation which gave me confidence… I am glad that I finally can put it all behind, thanks to his legal assistance!!!” – Avvo review

“This was my first time having any legal issues, and I was really worried/stressed and did not really trust the process. That said, Mr. Hollingsworth and his team did everything to satisfy all my relentless questions and also worked to really build my trust. I was not just another case number and I very much appreciated that.” –  Nicole, Avvo review

“I had 2 DUI’s within 2 months in 2 separate counties. My case was not looking very good and Michael managed to work out two outcomes that I was extremely happy with. He was always very easy to communicate with and was honest and upfront about my case. I felt comfortable and confident after our first meeting that he was the right choice for my cases. He was absolutely my best choice for representation and I honestly believe my outcome would not have been so great without him.” – Brooke, Avvo review

“He was an amazing attorney. He dealt with my case way better than I expected. I will use him in the future if anything else happens.” – Syed Rohail Hussain, Avvo review

“From the very first conversation with Michael, he was factual, honest, and caring about the situation in which my daughter was facing. His team kept us informed throughout the process and worked tirelessly to obtain the best results possible. Thank you Michael.” – Avvo review

“Michael was a life saver… He was professional and kind. He treated my daughter with compassion and did an excellent job in court. I highly recommend Michael and his firm. Cannot thank him enough for a job well done!” – Regine, Avvo review

“In life it is hard to find a person let alone a lawyer that has integrity and honestly cares about people. Michael has a passion for winning and the people he represents. He is well prepared when he walks into the court room and ready to fight for you. He is what other lawyers wish they could be and that is a “BEAST” in the court room, the “BEST” of the “BEST.” – Earl, Avvo review

“Mr. Hollingsworth was very supportive and kept me apprised of the details of my case. He accurately interpreted the law and gave me an accurate perspective on the possibilities of expected outcomes. He is very professional, provides easy access to speak with him. I would recommend him for legal services.” – NLS, Avvo review 

“I highly recommend Attorney Michael Hollingsworth. His professionalism, knowledge of the law, and experience provided the desired result in both cases he represented my children in. His genuine concern and candor are why we chose him. We could not have asked for better representation.” – Denise Hasenecz, Facebook review

“Mr. Hollingsworth is beyond amazing. I had just received my CDL and was in fear of loosing it. He was able to work miracles, and I only received minimal charges (community service and driving class). I highly recommend Mr. Hollingsworth to anyone who needs legal counsel, you will not regret it. Thanks for your help!!” – Kyle, Avvo review