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Stories of Hope

Dividing assets and a family business fairly

John and Theresa had been married 35 years. John had built a successful printing company, while his wife raised their two children full time. When John had an affair with a younger woman at work, he and Theresa ultimately decided it was a symptom of the state of their marriage. They were miserable together. They knew divorce was the answer, but had no idea how to split their considerable assets.

We represented John and set about to fairly value the $25 million business, mitigate tax implications and divide their significant retirement and other investments. We worked diligently, along with the opposing attorney, to ensure John and Theresa were able to maintain an amicable relationship, while also making sure each ended up with a fair and reasonable settlement.

We brought in experts as needed and ultimately devised a plan that allowed John to pay Theresa a reasonable sum up front, and make annual payments for several years. After the final agreement was signed, the newly divorced couple celebrated by having one last dinner together.

* All names changed to protect our client’s privacy.