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Stories of Hope

Guiding a battered wife toward a brighter future

Tammy came into our offices a broken woman. She had been in an abusive marriage for 15 years. She was terrified to leave, and reluctant to put her 13-year-old daughter Anna through a divorce. And with no prior job skills or experience, Tammy saw no hope for her future. But what brought her to us that day was the final straw— her husband had not only given her a black eye, but also shoved her off the front porch, re-injuring her recently broken hip.

Our first step was to help heal Tammy’s spirit. We facilitated counseling, helped find local yoga classes and encouraged her independence. She needed to gain strength and confidence to get through this, and to be there for Anna. Her husband, the wealthy owner of a construction company, fought Tammy every step of the way through litigation. He even tried to gain custody of Anna.

We brought all of our resources together to support Tammy and, in the end, the judge ruled in her favor. Tammy gained sole custody of Anna, and had a sizable sum awarded that enabled them to relocate to Florida. Tammy found a job and enrolled in night classes to attend law school. Ten years later, now in her early 50’s, Tammy is an attorney with a Tampa law firm, and enjoying a life she never thought possible–one we are proud to have helped her achieve.

* All names changed to protect our client’s privacy.