Criminal Defense Attorney Michael HollingsworthDuring these difficult times, I am here to help with legal issues that may arise over the next several weeks. We all may be impacted financially one way or the other. So I want to be there to offer services at a minimal cost to those who are may now be economically challenged. This includes:

*  Criminal Defense

*  Law Enforcement Investigations

*  Business & Contract Disputes

While much of the legal system is shut down for now, certain areas remain full steam ahead. I do not want anyone going without an attorney in a time of need simply because it’s an unaffordable expense. I became a lawyer to help people, first and foremost.

The legal system can be unpleasant and stressful enough. No one should go without at such a difficult time. Feel free to call my office at 703-492-5033 and let’s talk about how I may be able to help you.


Michael E. Hollingsworth, Esq.