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How to find a top divorce attorney in Virginia

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By: Cassandra M. Chin, AAML, Partner with Nichols Zauzig 

Find a divorce attorney in manassas prince william virginiaIt can be intimidating to take that first step and contact a divorce attorney. How do you find a lawyer who is reputable? What should you expect in that first meeting?

These suggestions will help you find an attorney and make the most of that relationship to help take you to the other side, into your new life.


Seek out peer-sanctioned professionals: those listed in Washingtonian Top Lawyers, Super Lawyers, or with the highest rating, “Preeminent,” by the industry-standard Martindale/Hubbell. Leadership in professional associations is a mark of a lawyer’s reputation and involvement in their specialty.

Only three divorce lawyers based in Prince William County are certified fellows of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML). Paul Nichols, Betty Sandler and I share that distinction at Nichols Zauzig Sandler, P.C. Having the knowledge and expertise of a qualified attorney will lead to the best possible outcome for your future.

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Organize documents for the meeting. Gather tax returns for the last three years, information about retirement accounts, bank accounts and other assets, and any other information about your finances.


During the meeting, don’t be embarrassed to share personal information. Secrets are often revealed during the divorce process, and the sooner you raise issues, the more proactively you and your divorce attorney can deal with those issues.


It is easy to get caught up in wanting to punish your spouse, or to become overly sentimental about what you want to keep in the divorce. The more level-headed you remain, the more quickly and easily you can resolve issues and the less expensive your divorce will be.


Take time to review credible resources of information. The better you understand your legal rights, the more effective you can be in negotiating a reasonable divorce settlement. The divorce lawyers at Nichols Zauzig can assist you in resolving issues with your spouse outside of court, saving you the hassle and expense of litigating every aspect of your divorce.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can ensure meetings with your divorce lawyer are productive.The experienced divorce attorneys at Nichols Zauzig will help you take the first steps toward a fresh start. Call us at 703-492-4200 or email us today!

DISCLAIMER: The results of every case depend on factors unique to that case, and Nichols Zauzig does not guarantee or predict results in similar cases.