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Serious accidents can ruin your future:

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A serious auto, truck or tractor-trailer accident changes lives overnight. If this happens to you or your loved one due to someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to monetary damages in Virginia. When a tractor-trailer or truck is involved, it’s important to act quickly to offset the often immediate reaction of trucking companies.

We know you are worried about medical expenses, income loss and your family’s future. We have 30 years of experience getting fair and reasonable compensation for families and individuals like you. Let us put that experience and skill to work for you. Call or email us today for a free legal consultation. Let’s start looking toward your better future today.

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"The care factor was there from the start"

“After seven surgeries, our teenage daughter was left with a disability needing lifelong attention. The care factor was there from the start; Claire really listened—we knew this wasn’t a “catch and release” kind of law firm. Her knowledge base and experience with courts, depositions and insurance companies made a real difference for our outcome. - Parent of teenage client

"Claire spoke for me when I could not speak for myself"

“Claire spoke for me when I could not speak for myself. She took action that I didn’t even realize was available and explained the legal process in a manner easily understood by a layperson, but was not at all condescending. Because she prepared me so well for my deposition, I was able to remain calm and unflustered when the opposing counsel posed seemingly confrontational questions at a rapid-fire pace. I recommend you guys all the time. - Auto accident personal injury client”

"Uncovered a lot of issues and got the doctors on board"

“I was involved in a multi-car accident on 95 caused by a tractor-trailer. I had neck and back injuries and nerve damage. Once Claire was involved, she uncovered a lot of issues and got the doctors on board. She and Rachelle gave me relief—to know someone was working on it even when I was too tired to work on it myself. I can’t say enough about that team. I would recommend them to anyone. - Tractor-trailer accident personal injury client”

"Helped provide clarity when things made little sense"

“Chuck and Melissa - You and your team have taken the time to listen to us, guide us and helped provide clarity when things made little sense. Our questions were always met with the highest level of professionalism and honesty and you continually kept me informed of any changes with your undivided attention.
Thank you for being sensitive to my needs, and for taking the time to understand our family’s cultural variations. I could not have asked for better legal counsel. - Former personal injury/medical malpractice client”


Multi-car accident on I-95 due to Tractor-Trailer

A tractor-trailer driver’s negligence led to a multi-car accident on I-95, and our client was in the final and fourth car. He suffered neck and back injuries, as well as lasting nerve damage and aggravation of existing fibromyalgia.

Settlement: $150,000

Rear end multi car collision on Interstate 95

As one of the cars impacted during a multi-car collision on Interstate 95, our client suffered an impact fracture of the right elbow and nerve compression, resulting in chronic pain.

Settlement: $137,500

Passenger injured in ATV rollover

Our teenage client suffered a permanent crushing injury to her right hand and wrists, requiring six surgeries as a result of being a passenger in an ATV that rolled over due to driver negligence.

Settlement: $970,000

Pedestrian run over by Kubota ATV

Our client was injured when walking and a Kubota ATV lost control and ran her over. The resulting injuries included fractures of the lumbar spine and various soft tissue issues and progression of degenerative changes in the spine.

Settlement: $575,000

Vehicle backed into car driving in parking lot

Our client was driving in a parking lot when a vehicle backed into the car, causing significant injury including aggravation of degenerative changes in cervical spine, leading to fusion surgery.

Settlement: $225,000

Vehicle T-boned by driver running red light

Our client’s vehicle was broadsided and t-boned by a negligent driver who ran a red light without slowing down, resulting in injuries and long lasting cervical and lumbar facet syndrome in our client.

Settlement: $170,000


Pedestrian hit in crosswalk

When crossing the street correctly in the designated crosswalk, our client was hit by a moving vehicle causing concussive closed head injury. In addition, allegations of contributory negligence were successfully argued against.

Settlement: $165,000

Passenger injured in single car rollover accident

The teenage passenger in this accident was injured when the vehicle driver lost control and the car rolled over. Injuries to his left elbow included fracture, displacement and rotation.

Settlement: $130,000

Vehicle t-boned by driver running red light

The driver of this vehicle was t-boned in an intersection by a negligent driver who ran a red light. Resulting injuries include thoracic and lumbar strains, as well as exacerbation of preexisting chronic pain.

Arbitration Award: $80,000

Couple’s car rear-ended on I-95

When this elderly couple was traveling on I-95, their automobile was rear-ended and both the husband and the wife suffered cervical and lumbar strains. The husband’s left leg was injured, leading to infection. Two separate personal injury cases were conducted.

Settlement: $55,000 for husband and $25,000 for wife

I-95 Rearender Causes Mild TBI

Awarded: $1.6 Million

Sleeping driver ends proud former Marine’s career

A sleeping driver going at high speed hit our client’s car with an impact so hard his car flew into the air. Our client, a former Marine, was left with a disabled body and mind as a result.

Settlement: $1.75 Million

SUV rear-ended by delivery truck on I-95

When a delivery truck hit the rear of her SUV on Interstate 95, it was ultimately determined our client suffered mild traumatic brain injury.

Motorcyclist’s left foot crushed when auto driver fails to yield

Our client was riding his motorcycle through an intersection on a green light when the automobile driver failed to yield and turned in front of him and struck the left side of the motorcycle, causing a crush injury to our client’s left foot. After seven surgeries, he has chronic pain, difficulty walking and will likely require fusion surgery in the future.

Settlement: $1.2 Million

Tractor Trailer Fails to Yield to Oncoming Traffic

Even though our client had the right of way in his automobile, the tractor-trailer failed to yield and that negligence led to an accident causing severe and lasting injuries for our client.

Verdict: $4.5 Million

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30 Years of Experience

Place your fears and worries in the hands of a personal injury group with three decades of experience holding negligent parties accountable. Our cases range from broken bones to complex traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries. We have a history of taking insurance companies to task to recover the compensation those victims deserve. To bring hope back into their lives. To help them on a path toward healing.

Communication & Attention

When you come to us, you are entangled in a confusing web of medical, financial and legal issues. You have dozens of questions and concerns about situations you’ve never had to face before. No need to worry – we are experts in obtaining and interpreting information about insurance, billing, medical records, medical terminology, automobile and trucking issues and more. We are also expert in communicating to you in easy-to-understand language about what is going on and what to expect.


Take a look at our case results, with settlements and verdicts ranging from thousands to over $1 million. We only take on the cases we can fight with the greatest chance of a reasonable result. Taking insurance companies to task, finding highly qualified experts, delving into the most detailed medical records and issues--we work hard to achieve the results that help our clients start to heal.

Award-Winning Team

The focused commitment and work ethic of our team have earned our attorneys awards and leadership positions Our support staff helps make that possible. Many clients say our paralegals become like part of their families.

Our team has decades of experience
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