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If you or a family member is facing sexual assault, rape or sex abuse charges put our experienced sex crimes attorneys by your side to fight for your rights in Prince William County, Manassas or Stafford courts.

Nichols Zauzig has successfully defended sex crimes for 25 years. Our attorneys are recognized as Top Lawyers by Best Lawyers-U.S. News®, Super Lawyers®, and Washingtonian and Northern Virginia magazines.

Sex crimes is the focus of our defense team. This demands superior skill, significant firm resources and a sterling reputation in the local legal community.

Call today for a free consultation with an experienced sex crimes attorney who can help put your life back together again.

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Award Winning Manassas Criminal Defense Lawyers and Trial Attorneys
"Career-ending criminal charges"

As a professional with career ending criminal charges I did not know where to turn. The stress of pending charges and an unknown court system can be daunting for anyone. Tracey and her staff were with me every step of the way. Communication and knowledge made going through this process less stressful. I ultimately ended up with desired outcome in my case and regained my life. - Steve, Avvo review

"Able to work miracles"

Mr. Hollingsworth is beyond amazing. He was able to work miracles, and I only received minimal charges. I highly recommend Mr. Hollingsworth to anyone who needs legal counsel, you will not regret it. Thanks for your help!! - Kyle

"Willing to fight for you in court!"

After 3 attorneys, I found Paul, who is honest, very competent and willing to fight for you in court. Even though it was a stressful time for me, Paul was able to interject humor and maintain a level of professionalism that put me at ease. I highly recommend Paul. - Robin

"She was there to fight for me"

“I am writing to show my appreciation and gratitude to Ms. Tracy A. Lenox. I must say that she went above and beyond. Ms. Lenox showed up to court early and made us feel that she was there to fight and not to compromise. This case could have taken a different turn if it weren’t for Ms. Lenox. She made sure all bases were covered.” - Hamid, Avvo review

3 Reasons to Choose Nichols Zauzig as your Sex Offense Attorney



You are in the hands of attorneys who successfully defend dozens of clients accused of sex offenses every year in Northern Virginia. With 25 years based here, 12 attorneys and 3 offices, Nichols Zauzig puts the best resources and skills in the area on your side.


During this unreal time in your life, it's hard to know who to trust. Rest assured our attorneys are among the most respected in the field. They are consistently ranked Top Lawyers in U.S. News & World Report, Washingtonian, Northern Virginia Magazine, Super Lawyers and Martindale Hubbell, with Preeminent status.


Our attorneys are driven, not by the easiest path, but by what must be done in the best interest of the client. They work with vigor and aggressiveness, trying strategies other attorneys are unwilling or unable to undertake, in order to achieve the best result for the client. Take a look at the grateful words from our clients for proven results.


Child pornography charges dismissed based on 4th Amendment

Multiple charges of possession of child pornography were dismissed in Fredericksburg court after defense attorney Michael Hollingsworth won his argument to suppress a motion based on 4th Amendment violations regarding the the legality of a computer search.

Juvenile defendant sex offense charges reduced

In Prince William Court, a juvenile defendant facing multiple life sentences on sex offense charges obtained a non-sex offense misdemeanor resolution in Prince William County court as a result of the Nichols Zauzig defense team’s case.

Sex offense charges reduced from multiple life sentences to non-sex misdemeanor

A client facing multiple life sentences on sex offense charges was released after defense attorney Michael Hollingsworth negotiated a non-sex offense misdemeanor guilty plea in Stafford court. No registration as a sex offender was required.

Felony drug charges dismissed

Felony drug charges were dismissed by the Prince William Circuit Court after a motion to suppress was litigated by the Nichols Zauzig defense team to show unconstitutional police conduct under the 4th Amendment.

Client found not guilty of multiple counts of robbery, malicious wounding

Due to the strong case presented by defense attorney Tracey Lenox, this client was exonerated by a Prince William County jury of  multiple counts of robbery, malicious wounding and the display of a firearm in the commission of a felony.

DWI Acquittal

This client was found not guilty of a DWI in Stafford court after the Nichols Zauzig defense attorney Michael Hollingsworth prevented the prosecutor from eliciting expert testimony.

Involuntary manslaughter acquittal

When an epileptic client–whose doctor had cleared him to drive–experienced a seizure and lost control of his car which resulted in a death, a Prince William County jury found him not guilty of involuntary manslaughter or reckless driving. The decision was based on lack of criminal liability as argued by defense Attorney Tracey Lenox.

At-risk client faces jail time

This at-risk client was facing mandatory jail time and the Nichols Zauzig defense team plea bargained to a no-jail disposition

Felony robbery charges dismissed

False charges of felony robbery were dismissed by Circuit Court based on Nichols Zauzig legal team’s arguments.

DUI charge reduced to reckless driving despite client’s confession

A client with a breath test two times the legal limit faced jail time after an auto accident and confession to the police. The charges were reduced to reckless driving with no jail time after the defense attorney Tracey Lenox found weaknesses in the police officer’s actions at the scene.

Intellectually impaired man saved from life imprisonment for murder

After defense attorney Michael Hollingsworth recognized signs of intellectual disability, this 27-year-old client facing murder charges underwent a psychological evaluation and was found to be significantly impaired. The attorney convinced prosecution to plead to a lesser, non-death eligible offense in exchange for full cooperation against other co-defendants. Charges reduced from life imprisonment to 27 years.

Convincing the court to rehabilitate troubled teen

Facing serious criminal charges, this 14-year-old adoptee’s background was abusive and driven by circumstances beyond his control. Defense attorney Tracey Lenox convinced the prosecutor and courts to take that into consideration when determining punishments that would give him a second chance. After signficant rehabilitative sanctions and therapy, the client returned home at age 17 a changed person.

Minimizing the impact of false domestic violence charges on military officer’s career

Charged with felony assault by his revengeful daughter, this high-ranking military officer’s career was at stake. Through creative and strategic lawyering by Tracey Lenox, the client avoided immediate negative consequences at work and the charges were eventually dropped entirely.

Multi-million dollar defamation case dismissed

A multi-million dollar defamation and malicious prosecution lawsuit dismissed in Prince William Circuit Court on defense attorney Michael Hollingsworth’s motion.

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