Stories of Hope

Helping Dad do what’s best for his child

When Eric came to see us, his life was in shambles. Despite a great job, he had lost his home to foreclosure and his estranged wife had taken off out of state with his five-year old daughter, Ava.  Eric was beside himself with worry for Ava, who is autistic and was non-verbal at the time. His wife refused to let him see Ava, except on her very limited terms.

To make matters worse, Eric had no idea whether Ava was enrolled in school or getting the services she required for her special needs. Through the court system, we were successful in getting Eric physical custody of Ava, who was returned to her father in Northern Virginia.

Ava was enrolled in her local public school and shortly thereafter, started receiving services and support from an excellent Individualized Education Plan (IEP) team. We just recently heard from Eric.  Now age 7, Ava is happy, healthy, and thriving in her father’s care. It’s not always an easy job, but it is so rewarding when things turn out the right way!

* All names changed to protect our client’s privacy.