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Child Support

New child support guidelines begin July 1

By June 22, 2014January 2nd, 2019No Comments
By: Cassandra M. Chin, Partner with Nichols Zauzig Sandler, P.C.

Highlights of the new guidelines include:

  • The schedule of monthly basic child support obligations used to stop at a combined monthly gross income of $10,000. The new schedule goes up to $35,000 in combined monthly gross income.  For gross monthly incomes above $35,000, there is a formula to calculate additional child support.

  • With a combined monthly gross income of $0-$35,000, the combined monthly child support obligation may increase by as much as approximately $400 or decrease by as much as approximately $100, depending on the number of dependent children.

  • All reasonable and necessary unreimbursed medical and dental expenses shall be shared by parents in proportion to their gross incomes.

The methodology for sole, split and shared child support guidelines has not changed, nor have definitions and deviation factors.

Existing clients paying or receiving child support may want to seek a modification of child support from the court based on these new child support guidelines. Contact us to help you understand the new child support guidelines and determine how they apply in your situation.

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By: Cassandra Chinn